Need a little help with Motivation?  Have you ever been told you need to just get Motivated?  Have you ever said if I just had some Motivation?  If you’re like most we have all experienced this.   It could have been when you needed to get homework done as a child or get a job or find a new one.  You could be an entrepreneur and need a little motivation to continue building your dream.

They tell us growing up if you know your Why you will be motivated.   It is the reason you will stay motivated.   Motivation can also be like a roller coaster.  Higher at times and rock bottom at others.

What you do today improve all your tomorrowsWhat is Motivation?

Motivation:  The reason for people’s actions, desires, and needs. This could be the cause of your actions or behaviors.

Here’s the official definition, according to


  • The act or an instance of motivating, or providing with a reason to act in a certain way: I don’t understand what her motivation was for quitting her job.
  • The state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something: We know that these students have strong motivation to learn.
  • Something that motivates; inducement; an incentive: Clearly, the company’s long-term motivation is profit.

Motivation means the inspiration behind the behavior, to induce by persuading or influencing, to cause you to do something, or the impetus or driving force behind doing something.

Why we Need Motivation

Sometimes it’s hard to get started or hard to continue when we are reaching for a goal.  Many times, we need a jump start in our motivation.  It can often be hard to complete a goal so we slow down… But no matter what stage you’re at, you need to keep moving to complete it.

Motivation is important for a multitude of reasons.

It can be many different things to different people. Having more money or buying a certain item is a motivation. Getting healthy can be an excellent motivation.. No matter what it may be it is important to remember to keep your momentum and motivation high and fresh.  Consistency is the key.

Before we begin lets’ do a brain dump

as expert Cathy Sexton says.   It is exactly as it implies.  Write down EVERYTHING no matter how large or small you need to accomplish today or in the future.  Get it out of the mind so you can move on and fill that area with things that will actually propel you in the right direction.

If you tend to do procrastinate it is time to get started full speed ahead with no excuses.   You will be much happier and so with those around you.

  • Create Affirmations – Act as if something already is. Example:  You are motivated to get a new car.  Pop out of bed and envision that car in your garage and driving it to work that day.   That automatically will give you a mental boost.
  • Use Visuals of what you are trying to accomplish. If it is to lose weight and get healthy use an older photo when you were that size or a photo of someone you whom you want to look like.  Visuals are very important.
  • Create a Vision Board with all your goals in one place. Then take a photo of your vision board and use that as your screen saver on your computer so you see it daily.
  • Use post it notes are signs you create and frame to remind you and motivate you daily to stay on track.
  • Ask a friend or co-worker to be an accountability partner. When you have to be accountable to someone it makes it harder to procrastinate.
  • Keep a list of accomplishments so when things are not going your way you can remind yourself it hasn’t always been that way. Help keep your confidence up to keep you motivated.
  • Organize your goals in priority of importance. You may have to work on them one at a time and not as a complete picture.
Karen Fox – better known as Karen THE Connector –  is a social media coach, strategist and speaker. Karen works with companies and individuals to take the fear and frustration out of creating their online reputation with social media. She rescues those who are lost on LinkedIn, frustrated with Facebook, Feeling like a Twit on Twitter or Perplexed by Pinterest.  Karen THE Connector 


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