5 Years Has Drastically Changed Business

Etch a Sketch

5  Years has drastically changed business.   Now let's see exactly how much it has changed in the last 5 years: Ever say to yourself when cool technology comes on the market, “It doesn’t get any better than this?”, and five years later you say, … [Read more...]

Social Networking at Live Events


Social Networking at Live Events As much as “Social Media” is online, we need to learn to be able to network at Live events.  Many opportunities are missed because we are not “Social” offline. Not everyone can do this well and many times it is … [Read more...]

Who said you have to use all Social Platforms?


Social Platforms are virtual places you can use to stand on and project to the world what you have to offer or get your message out. Who said you need to use all the Social Platforms anyway? You need to be able to make an educated decision on which … [Read more...]