Most may have an upgrade but they at least have a FREE version to you not a trial

Tool                                                 Function                                            Website

*Google Keywords                        Helps determine keywords                                  www.googlekeywordtool.com
*Animoto                                        Great tool to create videos                                      www.animoto.com
*Hootsuite                                      Allows scheduled posting to all SM sites              www.hootsuite.com
*Networked Blogs                         Allows posting your blog to your FB                     www.networkedblogs.com
*Stop Watch Online                      On line timer                                                              www.online-stopwatch.com
Google Calendar                           Create your schedule                                                 www.google.com/calendar
Zoho                                                CRM, invoicing, Doc hosting                                     www.zoho.com
*Survey Monkey                            Create  your own Surveys                                      www.surveymonkey.com
*Drop Box                                       Place to store share files (photos)                            www.dropbox.com
Toggl                                                Allows you to track your time                                 www.toggl.com
*Tungle                                            Scheduling appointments etc                                  www.tungle.me/Home/
Deskaway                                       Allows you to interact with other Comp                www.deskaway.com
Mikogo                                            For Webinars similar to Go to Mtg                            www.mikogo.com
Milk                                                 Online to do list                                                              www.rememberthemilk.com
Kee Pass                                         This is a PW safe                                                              www.keepass.com
MeetWays                                      Form to determine central mtg place                     www.meetways.com
*Tweet Reach                                 Determine your influence on Twitter                   www.tweetreach.com
*Google Alerts                               Allows you to monitor certain words                     www.google.com/alert
*Facebook                                      SM influencer                                                                www.facebook.com
*Twitter                                           SM influencer                                                             www.twitter.com
* LinkedIn                                       SM influencer                                                              www.linkedin.com
*YouTube                                        SM influencer                                                              www.youtube.com
*Bit.ly                                               URL shortener                                                             www.bit.ly.com
*denotes those I use personally
These are some of my personal favorites but there is a fee involved.
*Aweber.com  (create a newsletter and use for autoresponder)
*Hostgator.com  (Hosting services)
Flip Camera (for doing quick videos including testimonials)