This is a self Study Course……… Easy to understand.  This is for                   anyone feeling the frustration and fear of Social Media or  the            how to, in order to build your strategic plan with the sought after Posting Calendar bonus… 


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“Karen has been “coaching” me for a few  months now, teaching me the in’s and out’s of social media marketing. She is very patient (seems I’m a slow learner), quick to offer pertinent marketing suggestions and has the personality of an angel. Her knowledge of the subject is up to the minute, fresh and very interesting. Karen “The Connector” is a perfect resource to begin and/or progress in social marketing.”  Angela F.   

Your Social Media DNA Package includes:

Frustrated with Facebook

Facebook has a reach of 800 million with half being on facebook every day.   Is your target market on Facebook?

This course  will answer 

  • Why do I need a  business Page
  • What is the difference in a page vs a group
  • Is it important what I name my page
  • What does it take to build a good landing page
  • How do I post without sounding salesy
  • How do I communicate my brand online
  • How do I embed a video
  • What time should I post
  • How do I build a strategic plan

Lost on LinkedIn

With a reach of 102 million business professionals

This Course  will answer..

  • How do I create a title
  • Why do I need recommendations
  • Why would I ask a question
  • What would joining a group do for me
  • Why would I want to start my own group
  • How do I get to the first page
  • How do I choose what key words I want to use
  • Why do I want to know who is searching my profile
  • Who do I want to connect with

Feeling like a Twit on Twitter  

This course will answer…

  •  How do I start a twitter account
  • What difference does it make what my name is
  • How do I say everything I need to in only 140 characters
  • How can I post when I am out of town
  • Can I build groups
  • Who do I want to follow
  • How do I build a relationship
  • How do I find certain people
  • How do I share video and articles
  • How do I cross the social media path
  • How do I work with lists

Who’s Who on YouTube

2nd largest search engine

this course will answer the following questions

  • Why do I need my own channel
  • How important is choosing a name
  • If I don’t ever plan on creating a video do I still need my own channel
  • How does this help with SEO
  • Why is the owner of Youtube so important
  • How do I embed a video
  • How do I create a link
  • How do edit my account
  • How do I share content important content

To Blog or Not to Blog

This course will answer the following questions..

  • .com or .org
  • Who reads blogs
  • What will it do for my business
  • What would I talk about
  • How will this help my SEO
  • How many types of blogs are there
  • How often do I blog
  • How do I put my information on a blog
  •  Can I use other peoples content
  • How do I get my blog information on my facebook page

YOUR Social Media DNA package

includes all 5 webinars

Frustrated on Facebook
Lost on Linkedin
Feeling like a Twit on Twitter
Who’s Who on YouTube
To Blog or not to Blog

BONUS #1   Webinar How to Prepare a Posting Calendar                                                                    You Really can’t even begin your social media until you know how to create a posting calendar.   We will cover the When -Why- How of creating this tool you can’t live without.

BONUS#2   List of FREE Online tools                                                                                                                      Have you ever wished you knew some FREE tools that worked and others have used and not worry if it were a virus or something?   This is an extensive list and it will be an online list so all you have to do is click on the link and begin using.

BONUS#3  How to create lists on Facebook Personal profile Video                                                         Many of us began facebook so long ago all our friends, family, classmates, associations and clients are all on the same list.  Many times you don’t want to send private information out to everyone so this shows you how to build your lists and how to share with only certain groups or individuals.

“We love working with Karen. She makes the impossible seem possible. It is refreshing to work with someone in the technology industry who knows their field but still makes it make sense to the common man. She has found her call in the Social Media world, as she is very sociable and a pleasure to be around. She exudes positivity and confidence in her ability to produce results.”  Lisa S.

“I really enjoyed your “down to earth” training session this week. I have already recommended you to several people. Trying to see if I can set up a session for some of my friends. Glad to finally get someone who gives us the “how” not just the “why”! – Jan B.

“Karen’s knowledge of social media networking is far beyond “expert”. I’ve worked with Karen on several different social media seminars and each time I learn something new! I’ve had numerous clients comment on how easy it is to understand Karen and follow what she is presenting. She takes her time, is exceptionally knowledgeable and is completely interactive which helps people learn at their own pace. Clients always leave her seminars wanting more. Karen adds real value to understanding why it is so important to have a presence online with your business. I highly recommend Karen the Connector if you are in the market for a social media coach….I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!”  Nina D.

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