Private Coaching is Perfect for the individual who is serious and wants to take action with hands on one on one coaching.  

Are you Lost on LinkedIn, Frustrated with Facebook, Feeling like a Twit on Twitter, Perplexed by Pinterest or just dealing with the Fear of Social Media this is the Coaching you need.


business man and woman hand shakeThis is the perfect package for those who want to transform their digital imprint to generate more sales and build lasting relationships.  Please do not purchase this package unless you are serious about taking the steps needed for success.

Digital Social Brand Strategy would include;

  • 4 months of  ongoing  coaching calls or webinars twice a month
  • Personal time to ask questions and review homework
  • Assessment of all Digital Marketing  including your Website  ( you must have a website to purchase this package)
  • Worksheet Analysis
  • Personality Assessment
  • Email  & Phone Access during the 4 month period
  • Editorial Calendar Strategy
  • Marketing at its finest review
  • Creating a IFO
  • Choosing the right SMM sites


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Some prefer the  Social Brand Assessment package that includes:

  • a review of all your social media including website
  •  worksheet analysis
  • up to 3 hours personal consult on how to use your social media to market, brand or create lead generation..
  • We start from where you are to where you want to be step by step.  No need to waste your time on things you already understand
  • This is created increments that you can absorb.  We will optimize your site or sites as we work together
  • This is available local in person or via skype.

Social Brand Assessment



Pick the Brain of an Expert:

Min time investment is 2 hours.  It wouldn’t be fair to you if we did anything less.

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