Maybe you have all the social media sites set up and now you wonder what on earth do I do with them…. If this is your exact thought call me for one on one coaching… Social media coaching can be done one on one or as a group.  Many businesses are asking especially for LinkedIN Coaching so their employees can utilitize all aspects of this great Social media site especially in business that don’t allow their employees to participate in FB or Twitter like Banks, Insurance Companies and Financial planners.  Direct Sales companies and Small and Mid- Size companies are using my expertise in coaching on how to use Facebook the right way with my extensive back ground in Direct Sales.


“Social Media is free but can cost you more than a sale if your are using it wrong.” 


That’s why coaching is so important.   If you need someone to hold you hand and coach you through each social media site you should call me.  I am extremely patient and so enjoy coaching a newbie.  When someone new to social media starts to see the value in it, it when I am successful.  I will work with you as long or as little as you want. Can be done in your office, boardroom, Breadco or virtually…….  There are no stupid questions.  The only stupid ones are the ones not asked.   Why waste your time trying to understand the hows and whys..  That’s my job… You do what you are good at and let me do what I do best!  That is Coaching Social Media in St Louis and surrounding areas face-to-face or virtually out of the area.   There is a huge misunderstanding that makes people thing Social Media stands alone and doesn’t affect your other marketing.    That is not true at all.  Do you have a marketing funnel?  Do you have a way to retrieve emails to continue marketing?   Do you have a strategy for blogging?   Do you know how to increase your SEO?     This is the TIME you want to check out my Coaching programs to coordinate all your marketing to reflect the greatest ROI.


In addition to being a savvy Social Media Guru, Karen Fox is one of my favorite people to be around. As far as “what she does”, she is constantly working to keep up with the rapid changes in her specialty. The special part is the “how she does it”. Karen is one of the kindest, most sincere people I know. She has a way of describing Social Media in a way that is understandable to the rest of us. More importantly, Karen goes to great lengths to make sure that her customers’ expectations are always met. I would not hesitate to refer my clients to Karen the Connector.” Bill Hurston – The Growth Coach