Your Reputation is ONLINE

businessman using his digital tablet

Did you realize you are online whether you planned to be or not.   This is why you must make sure you are telling YOUR story as you would have it told and not let someone else tell your story.  My tag line is “Your Reputation Is ONLINE” and that is … [Read more...]

Does Social Media Automation Work

3d social media as concept

Tell me Does Social Media Automation Work?   If you would have asked a year ago I would have said NO it doesn't work.   Things have changed and there are some fabulous new tools in the arena today that work beautifully to post on your behalf like … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Trends

Fabulous Info-Graphic on Social Media Marketing Trends:  Use this as a guide when creating your master social media marketing blueprint. Social media marketing trends for 2014 from Social Media Examiner. This is a fabulous inforgraphic and … [Read more...]

Social Networking at Live Events


Social Networking at Live Events As much as “Social Media” is online, we need to learn to be able to network at Live events.  Many opportunities are missed because we are not “Social” offline. Not everyone can do this well and many times it is … [Read more...]