Social Media for Businesses Today

Social media is probably in almost everyone’s vocabulary by now. Businesses today are getting tempted to join the social media craze since it is a highly recommended marketing tool that will allow a business to get the visibility in the marketplace … [Read more...]

5 Years Has Drastically Changed Business

Etch a Sketch

5  Years has drastically changed business.   Now let's see exactly how much it has changed in the last 5 years: Ever say to yourself when cool technology comes on the market, “It doesn’t get any better than this?”, and five years later you say, … [Read more...]

Guide for Creating the Perfect Size Social Media Images

Who doesn't like a cheat sheet or guide especially when it comes to creating eye appealing, business driving images for their social media. Click here for the Ultimate Guide to creating the perfect size images for your social media.   In my … [Read more...]

Your Reputation is ONLINE

businessman using his digital tablet

Did you realize you are online whether you planned to be or not.   This is why you must make sure you are telling YOUR story as you would have it told and not let someone else tell your story.  My tag line is “Your Reputation Is ONLINE” and that is … [Read more...]