13 Rules of Social Etiquette for Direct Sales

Courtesy of Grand Rental Station

1)      Remember EVERYTHING you put on line is ETERNAL.  Do NOT put anything online that can come back to bite… (NEVER post when angry)  negative comments will get you nowhere.

2)      When using Facebook for business as well as personal be cautious of your photos and your friends photos you are tagged in.  What do they say about you to someone considering doing business with you?  Can they TRUST you?

3)      Tag lightly… when  you are tagging photos do NOT tag someone or something that can become an embarrassment to them and be careful  when you put the photo frame over the area you are tagging.  Is it the correct person? In other words DO NOT tag the dog with someone’s name.  You can always UNTAG yourself on a photo but then it is permanent.

4)      Do not type in ALL caps as that appears the same as an email as you are yelling at them.  Also be cautious if for business you don’t use your phone and type it like a text using all lower case letters or major abbreviations.

5)      Do not bore your friends with every detail of what you ate and when you got up if you want them to value what you have to say when you talk business.

6)      Do not play games all the time (it appears you are not working your business you spend all your time on games)  If you  do play games Do NOT continually send friends requests to join you in your game to help you win something or move up a level.

7)       If you are concerned don’t accept a friend request if you have no other connections to them.  It is YOUR option.

8)      Know it is OK to stop being a friend to someone if they are publishing unacceptable information or taking up your time posting things of no value. (you can also hide them if you don’t want to totally stop being friends.)

9)      Feel Free to post a compliment to a company or person who gives you great service.

10)   Do set up your privacy settings for your online profile ( you will probably only want your friends and maybe their friends) to access your information when you are searched.

11)   Disable relationship updates and auto status postings  (unless you like the drama played out in front of your friends)

12)   Refrain from inviting everyone to an event… Select only those who could benefit from what you are inviting them to.  If they are out of state you know they are not going to attend, so don’t waste their valuable time by opening your invitation.

13)   Do not try to sell everyone every time they open their facebook page.  You will lose friends quickly.  It is the old adage of the Salesman.  Many view as a vulture.. Don’t be known as the social media vulture.


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