Was at a Meetup listening to this amazing older business man named Charlie… He shared why he had been so successful.  As I listened to him explain how he became so successful,  I wrote down what I felt his keys to success where. I could have listened to him all day.  He was so interesting and he spoke from a voice of experience.  I really don’t think it is much different today, just our tools to get there have.  We have so many online social opportunities.

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Focus – set a goal

“A goal without being written down and clearly defined is a wish” Karen Fox

OFFLINE: This is no different today than it was when he built his businesses..  He talked about determining what kind of company he wanted to work with, what the revenue was, and who he needed to talk with , researched it and did it.

ONLINE: With Social Media tools today, this is so much easier to research than when he was building his business.  Just think LinkedIN alone could find you someone connected to the company you are trying to get a door opened to go into or an introduction directly to the person you need to speak with.

Look The Part

OFFLINE: This meant how he looked.  Did you look the part?  Would you want to do business with you?  He talked about going out and purchasing a very expensive suit, shirt and shoes.  This was a client that would in the end earn him $3 million dollars.  Was it worth his investment? He actually landed the job even though his bid was more because of the way he looked and carried himself.

ONLINE: You need to look the part regarding your profile photo.  Can they see your eyes, can they start to build the know –like-trust factor.  When they come to your website do you look the part?   Again, would you want to hire yourself?  Does your Facebook Fan page look like your profile or do the land a page they know is your BUSINESS?

Don’t undersell yourself

OFFLINE: He was asked to cut his prices to match a competitor.  He let them know his prices were firm, that he gave the best service and value.  He still got the bid as he did his homework on the company, he set his goal and he looked the part.

ONLINE: Don’t be online SELL- SELL- SELL and patting yourself on the back.  It says you are an easy target and your are desperate for business. Desperate says I will cut my prices to get the business.   GIVE-GIVE- GIVE back to the community with great information and compliments to other companies.  Be the person they want to do business with you no matter the cost because you are the EXPERT in your field.

Build a Reputation

OFFLINE: Charlie had built such a reputation that everyone wanted to do business with him.  He was honest, loyal and dependable.  He hung out with the influencers after setting that Goal and obtaining it.

ONLINE: Always under promise and over give as your clients and customers will always be happy.  Make sure your reputation online says everyone wants to do business with you.  Do you have a lot of fans, do you have great testimonials??   What is your reputation online saying about you?  Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN to let others ring your praises and you won’t have to.

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