How do you Eat an Elephant (Social Media)?

How do you eat an Elephant (Social media)

One bite (post) at a time…

“Social Media” can seem like an Elephant………….

You “Eat” it one “Bite” at a time?

1)     Find out where your target market is spending their time online and start there.  If you are in SALES you would be more likely to  find current and new clients on  Facebook , so that is where you would want to spend most of your time.

  • Then you need to decide if you need a group or a business page

Group: you can invite people to join and collaborate as a group.   Even great area to plan an event as a group.

Business Page (also called a Fan Page): you have no control over who “likes” your page but it is more viral.  This means your message about your product or service gets out to more people including those you’ve never met.  All through those that “like” your page.

  • Business page: this allows you the opportunity to share anything you choose about your business as they have opted in and requested to be a part of your business page but they also have the same option to unsubscribe so you must give valuable content or tips in order to keep a good fan base.

If you are an ONLINE MARKETER you might want to put your emphasis on Twitter and build a larger following.  Quantity is not as important as quality.  You would be better to have 100 True Followers that know, like and trust you than 10,000 that never read your “Tweets”.. don’t be a Twit on Twitter….

If you are a Brick and Mortar business or selling Business to Business you would probably want to park yourself on LinkedIn.  Learn all the benefits available (there are many) to you as a member.  You can upgrade to a paid membership, however I am not suggesting that, without really checking it out.

  • Participate in answering Questions from your industry as well as asking  questions.  Become the Expert in your industry.

2) Determine how much time you can invest to learning and using your vehicle of choice.     Set a timer so you don’t waste your valuable time chasing rabbit trails… FREE Program Online-Stopwatch

3) Determine your social media vehicle priorities

Maybe  FB|Twitter|LinkedIn|Blog

Maybe you only want to focus on FB|LinkedIn

4) Become well acquainted with how to use one before you begin the next.  I find many of my clients getting confused when they jump from one to another and get so frustrated they don’t do anything.

5) Set a posting Schedule.. I highly suggest to my clients to use a Posting Calendar… set up all your posts for a full month at least 3 times a week. This is highly valuable if you want credibility to become the expert in your field.   Use a FREE service to schedule called Hootsuite.

What bite will you start with?

Set your schedule and write down a few posts and fall in love with Social Media.

Your Elephant (Social Media) doesn’t look quite so large now does it?????

If it still feels like an elephant to you maybe you need to hire a coach to work with you one on one. Email me or leave a message for your FREE evaluation.

Karen The Connector – Social Media Coach|Strategist|Speaker

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