How to Use People…..

Would love for you to watch this incredibly talented Aileen Bennett.  I had the privilege of hearing her speak over a year ago at a conference called NAMS…  I could have listened to her speak with her “Louisiana” accent all day….

She will share with you how easy it is to use people..

Seriously.. the best thing you can do in Social Media is to “talk about other GREAT people”  Share their links, talk about what great service they give…

This is why I do a Fabulous Friday Shout Out to honor one of the great fans… on the Facebook Page Karen THE Connector.  This last week was Angela Fiedler with Bon Vivant Day Club (she is such an advocate for the elderly).. I want someone like her when I need some assistance. You might want to “LIKE” her page for great information..  “Like” my page and you just might be the next Fabulous Friday Shout out….

Have you ever seen someone light up when you say something kind about them.  Have you ever heard the old saying what goes around comes around or how about it is more blessed to give than to receive?  Say something kind and they will never forget you… This is true whether you’re ONLINE social media sites or OFFLINE social networking.

Feel Free to use me and leave comments about my friend below… She is a hoot!

Karen THE Connector

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