Is your competition laughing at you…..

photo courtesy of Jeff & April Maddock

Is your competition laughing at you? Photo courtesy of Jeff & April Maddock

If you are not using social media, I am sure they are….  Do you know there are over 5 million users on FB alone. Over half of those are on FB daily?   You need to begin with a personal profile and then add a business page (like/fan page) in order to have the privilege of advertising your business.  One of fb policies is the fact you are not selling or promoting a business on your regular profile.  Once you have built a business page and they like you, it gives you the opportunity to share anything you chose to with your fans.  By becoming a fan they have said, yes I want to know anything you are willing to share.   Remember you want to give value and great information or you will lose that fan.  GIVE-GIVE-GIVE back to the community so you build a solid reputation of Good Service.   Then you will want to have a landing page that let’s them know they have truly stopped by a business page.  This is what this see when they come to your site to be a fan if it doesn’t have a customized landing page…

This is what they come to and WONDER is this a business page or not….

The next images are of a couple of my clients Business/ Fan Pages we created for them..

I will let you be the judge… which one looks more professional as a business.

1st one listed is The Productivity Experts.  This gives you an opportunity to sign up for her newsletter, click on a file and it takes you to her twitter, linked in and website.   It is has a video that allow her more SEO as well as once you see her you decide if you like her and want to work with her.

2nd one listed is Grand Rental Station. This gives you many of the same vehicles of information yet it connects you to different areas of their website.  When you go to their website you will see we duplicated much of the graphics to make it clear you are looking at the same company.

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