Did you realize you are online whether you planned to be or not.   This is why you must make sure you are telling YOUR story as you would have it told and not let someone else tell your story.  My tag line is “Your Reputation Is ONLINE” and that is the truth.  If don’t think so just “Google” your name and your company’s name.    You will probably be shocked!

The misnomer is that social media is easy and free.  I totally disagree with this statement.  Social Media done well and with a strategy is NOT easy but can be accomplished when you understand the why and how of it.  Training and Coaching maybe necessary but well worth it.  Free?  Really?  Is your time not worth anything?

Some thought you set up your social media sites and they will come and you don’t need to do any more marketing.  WRONG answer.  First of all it takes a good 6 months before you start to be recognized in your market that you have arrived.  It is hard work.  When you begin it is like you are talking and no one is listening..  That is fine.  Keep on Keeping on.   This is when you are showing your true colors and passion.   Just remember if you are ONLY shouting at them about how great you or your product is they will opt out real quick.

You or someone you have hired need to be present online. When hiring someone make sure they speak at your maturity so it sounds as if it is coming directly from you.   I have clients that say oh I have high school age daughter/son doing it for me.  Can they speak your language or does it sound like it is being posted by a teenager?

You can use automation tools like SocialZing and Edgar but that only allows you to free up some time to actually have conversations with your existing and potential clients.

Be Consistent!    The mistake so many make is they start off out of the gate doing beautifully and then go MIA for awhile.   You lose the momentum you had and lose your audience.  This is why I have clients that take my 12 week coaching program to help them stay on track to keep the momentum going consistently while they are learning how to market themselves online.

Make sure you watch online to see what is being said about you, your business and your industry.  The easiest way to do this is to setup Google Alerts .  Just remember to put “ around your phrases.  Ex:  “Karen Fox”   “ Karen THE Connector”   “Social Media”   otherwise I got information on everything that had Karen and Fox in the article or information.

Need help creating the story you want everyone to see, contact my office 314-323-5493.

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