As a Small Business Owner just like me you have the opportunity to have PERSONALITY in your social media where the Big Corporations don’t have the same opportunity…

Small Businesses can have hands on with the social media and that is how you build your long time -loyal relationships.

You probably know many of your customers by name, maybe even some of the family members so you can talk to them on Social Media PERSONALLY not GENERALLY.

You probably have customers asking to be friends on Facebook because of the relationship and you may be trying to move them to your business page.  There are pros and cons to this dilemma.    First of all it depends on the business you are in if you want them to know everything about your personal life or not.  You do have an option to have them segregated into lists ( this is a how to video to segregate lists) so they only see certain  posts however that doesn’t stop them from viewing photos and other items on your site as they are you “friend”.  On the other hand we do business with those we know like and trust.  It is up to you how much you want them to know.

Personally I feel the best situation (unless they really are friends) is to try to move them over to a business page.  They opt in so it gives you the right to share as much as you want about your business  (you can not share services or advertise on the personal profile without taking a risk of having your profile shut down for going against facebook policies) since they can opt out any time they choose.  Still a lot of room for personality on the business page..  If you happen to love traveling share a photo from a recent trip (AFTER the fact as for safety sake talk about where you have been not where you going) to engage your audience.

ON the OTHER side of that coin is the fact you have to be very careful that  your PERSONALITY on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or any other site reveals a positive personality or it could be detrimental to that small business. I have said it before but NEVER post when ANGRY as your IQ drops drastically.  Don’t even type it out and not plan to send it, that is when something will happen that the sent button gets hit without you touching it!  Remember treat people just like you would like to be treated and build that small business with loyal customers.

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