Social Media Stalking Social Stalking…….

Do you feel like some of the people you follow on line are starting to stalk you?   Are you stalking your followers?

Are you doing an awesome job posting on all the social networks? FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTubeBlogs...etc…….

Are you posting so often your recipients feel like they are being stalked?   They will never say anything as we have always been taught to be kind, so they just unsubcribe and now you have lost your ROI (return on investment and return on influence).   If you are using great tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck you could be sending out too many posts, especially if you have them scheduled to all go out at the same time and often.

Let’s look at it honestly… if you see post after post after post from the same person especially one right after the other.. do you try to read them all or do you just skip over them.   Most would say they are annoying and they have lost their value.  They may be spending ALL their time finding great content but it becomes information overload and when they do say something important you have already scanned over them and miss that important item entirely….. (it is just like the person who sends you 4o million emails on a daily basis ~ you have tuned them out and it doesn’t even register there might be something important as you have already deleted it)

You may be giving such great information (content) that your clients, friends, networking groups, and possible clients signed up on every social platform to receive your information because they just loved you.  Now there are some fabulous influential professionals  that we would read their posts no matter how many times and how often they posted such as Lethia Owens and Mari Smith (top on my list).  However, you would never find these professionals social stalking.

So now when you do a blog, do they get that post, an email, Facebook, Twitter and Linked IN all within a couple minutes of each other.. seems to them like overload and it could be considered Stalking. Do you receive 4 and 5 posts from the same person at the same time?  How do you feel about it?  Take the time and  spread this information out and if they receive it at different times, it doesn’t feel like stalking.

Strategically SPACE them out..  Think about your target market.  What time are they ONLINE and on what Network?

You just don’t want it showing up everywhere at the same time or you have lost the influence of it.  Your ROI…..

You certainly don’t want to tear down a relationship once you  have taken the time and energy to build it.  Especially when there is an easy fix with strategically placing those posts throughout the day.

Please feel free to share those influencers that you would read their content no matter how many times you recieve it? Just place it in the comments below..

Wishing you much success!  Happy Posting…..

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