Survey says: After surveying a diversified group of professionals, business owners, friends and family they determined the 3 types of posts  they would like to see removed from Facebook.

Types of people to remove from Facebook Those that share graphic items#1 They would like to see posts removed that tell what time their friend or friend’s children  go to bed, get up or eat.  They love to see new photos and hear about those firsts, just not things we all do on a daily basis.                                                                                      Especially those that give graphic details of their child’s illness or their own.  Every parent has  experienced this first hand.

Example I use when training:  If you say you just had lunch at St Louis Bread Co, no offense I don’t care.  If you say I just finished lunch at St Louis Bread Co with the State Representative…now I care..

#2  They would like to see those posts removed from those who use profanity and do nothing but remove profanity from Facebookcomplain and/or gripe about everything and everyone.  Some just make a slip up and sometimes we have been done wrong, and make a negative comment, however  the only thing some post is cursing  and complaining.   They even jump on a positive comment and make it negative.  NEVER post when angry.  Remember what you put on line is eternal.   Is this what you want people to remember you by?

It was said the other day that our IQ drops 40-60 points when we are angry…..

Politics on Facebook

#3  Remove the posts that have to do with politics when they are forcing their views on everyone.  They feel everyone has a right to state their opinion and most want to hear the facts. Key word FACTS, not opinions.   The problem arises when some want to cause a debate or belittle others for their opinion.

No matter what you post or questions you ask, remember to be kind and if you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.   If you want to ask questions or “Debate” do it on a private message, not for the world to see.   What is the old saying you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.  Do you disagree with their choices or do you have some you would like to add?

Karen THE Connector                                                                    

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