We learned Everything about Social Media from Thumper

We learned Everything about Social Media from Thumper

When using Social Media keep in mind what we learned from Thumper in Bambi many years ago…… If you can’t say thumpin good don’t say nuffin at all….

When making a post may I suggest you:

Give a compliment, Recommend someone or something, copy a quote, share a great article, post a great site, share a Fan Page.  Give back to the community.  Don’t use it for a gripe session or to get back at someone.   Remember you might be right but you might still be wrong… Wrong because you could lose business if you are negative or complaining about another businesses.  I love facebook in the fact you can find so many you have lost contact with…  Attended a funeral today and one of the grandsons just located his grandfather (who passed away) through facebook..  He is now connected to his entire family and it is happy reunion…

The old statement sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me is the most inaccurate statement ever made.   Negative things being said about you personally can affect your self esteem, and if in business it can actually destroy a business.

Be Kind as Thumper was and share thumpin nice about someone or some company.. You will be glad you did!

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