We know our loss is Heaven’s gain.  He ran the course and did well thy faithful servant!

Zig Ziglar I have seen many times, but I met him the first time at a convention with Home Interiors almost 30 years ago..  What a JEWEL!  A real Gentleman!

Then I remember being at a small meeting in ST Louis downtown and sitting almost in the front row winning an entire set of CASSETTE tapes from Zig.. Wow, I was in heaven and I was hooked.  He was brilliant and yet so humble.

One of my favorite stories he told was about Mamie McCoullough and how he had been praying and the Lord told him she was coming to work for him.  She said, “Funny I spoke to him this morning and he didn’t mention it.”.  She did go to work for this man that she so fondly spoke of.

One of my other favorite stories I loved hearing him tell is how his beloved wife Jean whom he adored was a decided redhead.  One day she decided and now she is..

He always talked about Stinkin Thinkin and a check up from the neck up.

Loved  his analogy he used on stage when he used the pump to talk about priming the pump.

I could go on and on and on..   The last time I saw him he was quite feeble and Julie had to walk him through the conversation.. He has been a great mentor to not only me but to the world.

Thank you Zig for all your positive motivation and never allowing us any Stinkin Thinkin!

Photo courtesy of Zig Ziglar facebook


Karen Fox – better known as Karen THE Connector –  is a social media coach, strategist and speaker. Karen works with companies and individuals to take the fear and frustration out of creating their online reputation with social media. She rescues those who are lost on LinkedIn, frustrated with Facebook or afraid of being Twit on Twitter.  Karen THE Connector
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