Facebook was there for me when no one else could be!

Facebook with Heart Karen THE ConnectorToday even with ALL the MAJOR changes in the last couple of weeks Facebook  has been my closest  friend.  You see I was out of town at “Inspiring Speakers” when the phone call came that my Father In Law was in emergency surgery and they didn’t expect him to make it. He was having a 5 bypass.  Being in San Francisco and not having access to the computer did not stop me from using my blackberry and getting the word out on Facebook.  We needed a MIRACLE…  Thanks to all those connected to me on Facebook the prayers began all over the  WORLD in a matter of minutes..  My blackberry kept buzzing all day as the posts of encouragement and prayers were being added to my post.  There is no way I could have even made the calls to all the people it touched.

We did in fact get that miracle.. I was able to continue on my journey at this event because of my facebook family and their prayers and communication.  Returned home had two fabulous days with my FIL, he was talking, sharing, asking me for a kiss on his cheek (will always be one of my fondest memories) and starting to eat by mouth.. Wow were we excited… Thanks to the prayers from my FB connections we rec’d the miracle we had all asked for and was enjoying sharing this good news.. God was SO good!

Friday morning we rec’d a call that he had went into a coma and it wouldn’t be long. Yes you guessed it back to my friend Facebook.  While surrounded by his children, grandchildren, family and friends singing hymns he entered Heaven’s Gates around 7:20 that evening… So peaceful if the nurse hadn’t told us he was gone we wouldn’t have known.  No it wasn’t the miracle we wanted but it was the miracle he lived for.   Still God was SO good!

Once AGAIN my friend Facebook spread the word and the encouragement and sympathy continued to pour in.  Because of Facebook we posted the funeral arrangements and shared the information with the world at one time…

Thanks to my friend Facebook those words of encouragement and sympathy are still pouring in to not only us but to everyone in the family that has joined the Facebook Family..

As a Social Media Coach I believe every company needs at least a presence on Facebook.  Yes there is a fabulous opportunity for marketing your business but this time I saw the human side to Facebook at work… The Personal Touch my friend Facebook can give.

If Facebook has been your friend or you have a great experience because of Facebook.. PLEASE share it with us, we would love to hear your story!

Karen Fox  (Karen THE Connector) karentheconnector.com

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