Stan “The Man” is the epitome of what a true hero should be..

Imagine it’s the 1970’s.  This 16 year old who was a part of an elite group of singers  from Cleveland High School called the Cleveland Singers was invited to sing at Musial and Biggies. We headed to their location on Oakland Ave in St Louis.  I was not a “real” Cardinal fan  so please excuse my ignorance on what happened next.  We were introduced to this gentle man Stan. He worked at the restaurant, so I thought he must be the manager.  He was so pleasant and thanked us for taking time out of our schedules to entertain at the restaurant and kept coming back in to hear us.  It wasn’t until we were on our way back to school that I was told “WHO” that man was. I knew there was so much excitement in our group but had no idea why.. I had just met Stan “THE MAN”.


1) He gave whatever he did his very BEST

2) He treated everyone with Respect

3) He was fair

4) He loved his family and wasn’t afraid to show it

5) He stood up for what he believed in

Of course my mind always reverts to Social Media and the qualities Stan held dear is the way to live life online and off..  Stan “The Man” will be missed by never forgotten.

Would love for you to share how you met Stan or if you ever had the privilege of meeting this fine man.. Share your experience in the comments..

Stan’s Baseball Statistics

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