Your consulting services have given me so many new insights about my “helping business”. You have turned my roadblocks into stepping stones of growth for my practice. How many times did I say “I don’t have time for networking”? Karen Fox, you taught me how I network, market, “sell” my helping business everyday. I didn’t know I did all of this until you taught me how to package and present what I do with the cutting edge of technology. Karen with your inspirational presence, I now see myself networking everyday!

Thank you!

Dr. Brenda S. Melton
Director of Therapy and Beyond
Dedicated to giving Therapy Insights for Living Better.



Step Up Your Social Media to Become a Lead Magnet

Are you frustrated on Facebook, lost on LinkedIn, feeling like a twit on Twitter or perhaps perplexed by Pinterest? You are not alone. Millions of business owners are online marketing their services but have no idea how to break through all the noise to reach their intended audience. This 6 step program will provide a framework for setting up your campaigns so they are more powerful and profitable.

So many companies looking at creating a presence say I don’t have time.. Let me ask you this. What does it cost to create a new customer or what does it cost to retain a current customer?  I think that answers your question if you have time for .  is just relationship building.  You need to stay in front of those potential customers so when they are ready for your product or services you are the first one they think of.  The old saying is so true, out of sight out of mind.. Let me help you create that insight online professional image for your business with Marketing.  I will take all the fear and frustration out of it by my easy to work with style.