Lori St. Clair - Owner, On Target Bookkeeping Services

“Karen is a fabulous person who is terrific at networking and social media. Karen and I have known each other for a little over a year and a half. We met at the Fenton Chamber of Commerce luncheon where I was immediately impressed by her knowledge and drive to help businesses succeed. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who needs assistance with marketing their business through social media. I am looking forward to utilizing Karen’s services for my business in the very near future.”

Jeannie Braun - Director, Fenton Chamber

“Karen is the “GO TO” person for all of your Social Media questions and concerns. Karen stays informed and updated on all changes and upgrades regarding Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Karen’s pleasant and engaging personality creates a positive learning experience for anyone wishing to learn and use this fairly new technology in their workplace.”

Jeff Rogles - CRPC®, Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors

“I met Karen at the Fenton Chamber of Commerce 2 years ago. Being new to the Chamber, Karen was the first person to approach me and welcome me to the meeting. Now, it is an absolute joy every time I see her. She is the first person I look for when entering the room. Karen is a wonderful, caring person who is willing to go out of her way to help a person out. She is hardworking, honest, and knowledgeable in her profession. I highly recommend Karen and would feel 100% confidence in referring her services to those who would need it.”

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StepUp Your Social Media to Become a Lead Magnet

Are you frustrated on Facebook, lost on LinkedIn, feeling like a twit on Twitter or perhaps perplexed by Pinterest? You are not alone. Millions of business owners are online marketing their services but have no idea how to break through all the noise to reach their intended audience. This 6 step program will provide a framework for setting up your campaigns so they are more powerful and profitable.

STOP letting the fear or frustration of Social Media hold you back from dominating your industry

Karen Fox brings creativity and passion to every client she works with. She acts as mentor, cheerleader and wise sage to guide her clients past every challenge on the road to achieving their goals. Her personality and optimism are infectious and good for the soul. As a speaker, mentor, or trainer you will notice her unparalleled ability to break down complex to simple and do it with humor.


Since your reputation is ONLINE how does yours look?

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Drive Traffic to Your Website

Drive Traffic to Your Website is simple using Social media as the perfect vehicle.  You can use it to start conversations with prospects and customers. However, if it doesn’t become lead generation taking them to your website then you may not be reaching your sales...

Help with Motivation

Need a little help with Motivation?  Have you ever been told you need to just get Motivated?  Have you ever said if I just had some Motivation?  If you’re like most we have all experienced this.   It could have been when you needed to get homework done as a child or...

Common Courtesy Could be Dead

Do we really live in a world where common courtesy had died?  I was taught to treat others as you would want to be treated.  Hurry along so you didn’t keep others waiting.   Be On Time and if not be sure to let them know.  Never use people.  If you can’t say something...

Remove these Overused Words on LinkedIn

LinkedIn List is out.  Remove these  overused words on LinkedIn ASAP if you want to be located and stand out.   LinkedIn shares a list of the words you want to remove from your profile.   They are the most overused words that have lost meaning and value.  The Words...

ACTION = Success

Without ACTION there is no Success.... Have you ever just thought if I had ______________  my business would spiral to the top? Ever said to yourself I could be that good too if I had _______________________? I have been doing a lot of soul searching and thought about...

7 Qualities of Great Leaders

7 Qualities of Great Leaders that can make or break a Leader.  Leadership can be difficult.  It can be a daunting task! We have found there are certain qualities the are found in all great leaders.   If you are a leader and don’t already have these characteristics...

Marketing – Follow the Problem

Marketing - Follow the Problem.  If you want to get the right audience’s attention, you have to find out what problem you need to solve.  A well known catch phrase from a popular movie is “follow the money.” For Internet marketing, the best advice is “follow the...

Character Counts Change on Twitter

As of today there is a big announcement on Character Counts Change on Twitter.. You can read the full article here. This is big news for all of us in marketing since it is only the text to count towards our 140 characters.  Many of us had to cut out all the fluff with...

7 Tips for Getting Started with Twitter Marketing

Of all the places I have spoken and all the audiences I have polled many say they are on Twitter but have no clue why or how to use it.  Use these 7  Tips for Getting Started With Twitter Marketing. Twitter has over 1.3 Billion registered users but there is a small...

Optimizing Facebook Business Pages

Optimizing Facebook Business Pages  Facebook Business Pages are the easiest and quickest way for businesses to have a presence on the Facebook social networking website. (Some use them as their only means of a website)  I do not recommend that but it is truly better...
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